Live Album

On Friday 11 June 2010, The Mojo Risers played to a sold-out local crowd at Artworks Theatre on Waiheke. It was a fantastic night – great music of course, and in the intimate surroundings of Artworks, the Mojos recorded their live album.

It’s sounds great – we love it (THANK YOU Ben!)
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You can buy the album at Mojo gigs, at selected stores round Waiheke Island, and it is available for purchase and download online at Also available at

Live Album Credits:

Aaron Carpenter: Vocals, Guitars, Harmonica
Neal Ghoshal: Guitars, Vocals


Nikki Ngatai: Percussion
Album recorded, engineered and produced by Ben Mayer
Live Engineer: Ady Perry

The Mojo Risers would like to thank everyone who came out on that rainy night in June and to the people of Waiheke who come to our shows. To Nikki for adding extra rhythm. To those who helped out on the night. To Gina for helping with design. Special thanks to Ben and Ady for the great sound, and to Christina and Kim for the wall of skulls!

The Mojo Risers dedicate this album to their forever friend and muse, Sally Ann Stone.

Track Listing

1. Sunshower (Carpenter)
2. I Shall Be released (Dylan)
3. Never Hungry Long (Carpenter)
4. Cuts Like A Knife (Carpenter)
5. Crossroads (Johnson)
6. The Boatman (Carpenter & Stone)
7. Pony (Carpenter)
8. Who Do You Love (Diddley)
9. Red House (Hendrix)
10. Take Me To The River (Green & Hodges)